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Synchronous Motor Field Application System Retrofits

Synchronous Motor Retrofits

A synchronous motor and its control system are a significant capital investment. Quad Plus Power Systems Division assists customers in extending the life of this investment through a cost-effective retrofit. Updating the field control circuits significantly increases the usable life for your synchronous motor.

Upgrade your old synchronous motor

Many applications still utilize synchronous motors that were installed between 30 and 70 years ago. Usually these motors have been maintained and upgraded so the motors are in good working condition. However, most of the controls (relays and DC contactors) are still the original with little or no maintenance or upgrades. Support for these components is insufficient:
  • Controls installed decades ago are not totally supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • The OEM may no longer be in business
  • OEMs have made the control systems obsolete and replaced them with newer technologies
  • The synchronous motor field application relay, the most common point of failure, is no longer available from the OEM or other manufacturers.

Lower Cost

Quad Plus' Synchronous Field Retrofit solution is a fraction of the price of a new induction motor and VFD control system. Our solution typically runs $100k or less, compared to $500k up to several million dollars. Now that's savings!

Less Space

Quad Plus' Synchronous Field Retrofit Solution requires no additional space. Our retrofit controls fit in the exact same space you have today. New systems typically require up to four times the space just for the upgraded controls.