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Field Services

Circuit Breaker Field Services

circuit breaker field services

Our Field Services are crafted especially for:

  • Circuit breaker cleaning
  • On-site emergencies
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Circuit breaker re-calibration
  • Circuit breaker inspecting

Quad Plus has a staff of field service personnel that will bring our expertise to your site. Be sure to use us when:

  • you are not sure the breaker is the problem
  • you are not able to ship equipment off site
  • there is an emergency
  • down time/down turn is scheduled for preventive/periodic maintenance

We can conduct the following procedures at your facility:

  • inspect, test and clean equipment
  • inspect cubicles, clean stabs, contacts, and arc chutes
  • test bus bar
  • test resistance and limits
  • test and re-calibrate relays – solid state and electro-mechanical